Strong plastic pipes, protection spirals, composite cables and multi-pipe cables

Crefisol will tailor your piping and cabling solutions according to the installation site. We have a long experience in requirements on the strength and materials of piping, cabling and protection products for devices and machines in different sectors.


Conventional pipes for air, liquid and gas are intended for use in stable and undemanding conditions. The pipes are made of high-quality raw materials for pneumatics, such as polyamide and polyethylene.


For temperatures over 70°C, we recommend cross-linked polyethylene pipes. This treatment converts thermoplastics into thermosetting plastics which, for example, do not melt at all. The pipes can be permanently moulded into the desired form using heat. These pipes may achieve thermal resistance of up to 110°C, and even at that temperature the pipe may still withhold a small amount of pressure. In addition to heat resistance, the properties of cross-linked polyethylene include good chemical resistance, which makes it well suited for different vapours and humid environments (for example, paper mills).

The chemically resistant pipes have excellent resistance to numerous acids and bases. Additionally, they are self-extinguishing and halogen-free. These pipes can also be used in the food industry, as they do not release toxins or flavours. In addition to their chemical resistance, a characteristic property of these pipes is their high resistance to heat and pressure. These pipes are excellently suited for biogas plants and biofuel factories that often use aggressive vapours and acids.


Multi-pipe and composite cables are excellent solutions for all types of process industries, such as paper machines, dairies, water treatment plants, waste management plants, power plants, and other similar installations. Multi-pipe cables enable several functions in a single run. Thanks to this, our customers have been able to cut their labour costs in half and get their devices running in less time.

Multi-pipe cables are perfectly suited for sites with a longer distance between devices, for example. We can also run one or more liquid or compressed air pipes and electric cables inside a bonded membrane and a protective casing. Aside from being easy to install, protective casing extends the service life of pipes by protecting them from wear, dirt and other external harm. Special casings include products such as spark-proof casings and halogen-free casings.

Instrumentation cables, such as:



Line protection products made of first-class raw materials enable the safe and easy control of cables, thereby extending their lifespan. They are suited for all uses even in the most demanding industrial sites, retain their properties for a long time and, in the best case, may extend the lifespan of the entire unit.

They are used in the manufacturing of wiring harnesses, different devices, and in the protection of important cables. Keeping cables and wires protected makes them easier to handle and to recognise, and prevents them from being exposed to external harm such as dirt, cold, heat, liquids or mechanical wear.

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