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Maritime Industry

The third-generation expertise in polymer and polyester manufacturing has long list of applications with the customers. Their knowledge and networks of raw materials guarantee high quality products. As marine industry adapts more automation and robotics, highly reliable process control products are needed. Crefisol expertise helps the customers to reach their goals in mission critical systems in demanding environments.

Chemical resistant, flame retarded, heat resistant, spark resistant and antistatic industrial plastics can and will replace metal tubings. Ease of installation and maintenance can’t be matched by metal in most of the use cases. The Crefisol expertise in crosslinked polyethylene products has helped customers to overcome many obstacles and gain improved reliability and cost savings.

Multitubes and combination cables in marine construction help sreduce lifecycle overall cost. With extra microchannel tubes for further system upgrades makes installation of newfiber optics alongside coppercables makes system upgrades a breeze. Replacing copper and other metals make significant weight

- Improved predictive, preinventive and overall life-cycle maintenance
- Easy access to spare parts and service personnel
- Extend operational life of existing assets
- Operational performance improvements
- Reduced maintenance and labour costs
- Easier upgrades to drive systems
- Weight savings and reduced service need
- Industrial standards improve compatibility


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