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OEM / Custom WS


In addition to our catalog products we manufacture with over 25 years perience customer specific and OEM use solutions. Working wogether with customers R&D and engineering garantees sustainable development and competitive advantage to our customers and their products. Constant research for new and more advanced solutions together with constant improvement of existing products is the key culture of our operations. In our Custom Workshop customers R&D is working in close relationship with our engineering in open communication to ensure customer to focus on their key competences. Cooperation makes product development faster due our long experience on multitude of customer specific products and projects. We develop quickly new solutions and ideas to our customers and aalso can identify solutions which are not feasible to save time and costs. Custom Workshop is operating under our R&D so it utilizes its direct connection to raw material manufacturers R&D teams and labs. With agile manufacturing and manged logistics we can guarantee short delivery times even with custome producs.
We have:
- Over 60 years of expertise on chemical and plastics industry
- Wide network of raw material suppliers
- Strong engineering background on R&D, raw materials and enhancing product properties
- Many joint development projects with leading manufacturers on industrial machinery
- Multitude of custom products developed for OEM use
- Testing facility for product development
Typical customised products:
- Profiles
- From rigif tube to flexible tube
- Customer specific combination cables
- From normal tubes to fire resistant versions
- Tube, cable and wire protective jacketing
- Increase pressure resistance
- Customer specific colours
Typical locations:
- Paper & Pulp industry
- Process manufacturing
- Vehicles
- Boats and ships
- Building industry
- Mining
- Machine manufacturing

Examples of custom products:

Fire protected electropneumatic control cable for firedoor management:

To replace copper pneumatic tubes with easier to install and corrosion free plastics tubes.

Solution: Vulkanized plastics tubes to resist more temperature and pressure.Tubes protected withfiberglass and jacketed with heavily fire retardant and halogen free mantle.Result is lower aquiring and installation cost and better user friendliness than original solution.

Moisturing equipements multitube:

16x16 tubes in moisturing element was very time consuming to assembe and tested 16 tube multitube was not flexible for installation. Installation was made one tube at the time.

Solution: New crosslinked extremely elastic tube was developed with required temperature and pressure resistance. All 16 tubes are jacketed with elastic and temperature resistant mantle.

Result: Bundle of 16 tubes is easy to install in one assembly inside the unit. Mechanical stress is taken by the mantle protecting the tubes inside. Installation time and cost is reduced significantly and mechanical properties are greatly improved.

Iairduct cleaning rod:

Problem: Dirty and mechanically hostime airducts are cleaned by inserted cleaning head. The solution in use did not have required mechanical resistance and multiple cables and tubes vere difficult to handle. For different work phases required different tools.

Solutions: All funcktions were combined to one multitool connectedd with combination cable with flexible but wear resistant mantle.

Result: Cleaning rod which is long lasting and professional looking product.

Building improvement multicable:

Problem: Block of flats under modernization required multitude of single cables to fullfill modern standards. Installation was time consuming and frustrating.

Solution: All required cables were combined in our production and jacketed as one multicable with mechanical stress resistant mantle.

Result: Installation time was cut significantly and cables were not dabaged during installation saving even more time and cost. Total savings more than 30% due savings is installation.

Machinery hydraulics protection:

Traditional use of shielding spirals takes too much time and cost.

Solution: Hydraulic cables are jacketed with elastic but wear resistant jacketing with good sub zero temperature properties. Bending radius has no meaningfull increase. Protection to pneumatic

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