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Crefisol manufactures product to five main category:

- industrial pneumatics
- process control pneumatics
- temperature resistant products
- chemical resistant products
- tube rods

REAL WORLD SOLUTIONS: Over 25 years of experience with paper and pulp industries harsh environments has given Crefisol vast knowledge to produce high quality reliable products for other industries with similar characteristics.

Our products characters come from raw material groups LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, PE-RT, HDPE and Polyamides

Industrial pneumatics tubes

- Gas and liquid transport tubes
- Multitubes for automation
- Multitubes for fiber/cable -transport
- Tube profiles
- Combination cables
- Cable shielding sprirals
- Spiral pneumatic tubes
- Customer specific solution

Products have following variants:

- Industrial standards
- Flame retardants
- High UV stabilized
- Temperature resistants
- Chemical resistants

Crosslinked Polyethyene (PEX),

PEX pipes offer an attractive combination of benefits to contractors and end users. PEX tubing.offers cost effective solution toreplace copper tubing in demandingenvironments. PEX piping will savetime and money in installations.

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